Tom Splitt

O, My Love

O, My Love

Veiled to most
But unveiled to him
His reverence, her choosing
Inviting his gaze

Broken, destroyed-
Being pierced by Her beauty-
Or brought to his knees
Humbly to serve

She is the song of the lark
The howl of the wolf
The hoot of the owl
The hiss of the snake

The sting of the bee
The serpent’s fang
The venom that kills
The balm that cures

The web-weaving spider
The night-stalking tiger
The earth-bearing turtle
The soul-singing whale

The grace in all that swims and glides
That leaps and flies and crawls and climbs

The green in the grass
The dew on the rose
The dance of the wheat
The voice in the wind

The rounded hill
The valley’s womb
The quiet wood
The fragrant meadow

The juice in the grape
The blood in his veins
The soul in the wine
The wine in his soul

To sweeten and soften, enrich and embrace
Invigorate, stimulate, animate, love

She is the salt in the sea
The tears in his eyes
Bitterness, sorrow
The joy of the wise

The Wisdom of God
The Mystery of Grace
The mysterious life-giving
Essence in earth

The mirroring moon
The rhythm of tides
What laughs, what cries
What lives, what dies